Where to Find Racing Lawn Mowers for Sale

Published: 07th December 2009
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Lawn mower racing has already reached areas where the sport was previously unheard of; it is indeed slowly but surely becoming an international sport with an enormous following. The increased popularity brings about questions of where to find racing lawn mowers for sale.

For those who don't know, different types of mowers are being raced. Those hand-held mowers that you see in your grandfather's garage are being raced; this is a very tiring type of mower racing because you are literally just pushing the mower to the finish line.

The more exciting type of lawn mower racing is the self-propelled mowers with towed seats. This gives you a real feel of sports machine racing. It is also far less tiring.

Perhaps the most popular and the best type of mower racing, you'll probably find a lot of these racing lawn mowers for sale, are the tractor type mowers with an engine covered and mounted in front.

This is as exciting as racing cars because tractor type mowers can reach speeds of up to 50mph, the tires literally dig dirt and it drifts on corners just like a typical Rally Car.

Where to find racing lawn mower for sale:

Online - The easiest is to go online and do a Google search, there are a number of websites that talk about lawn mower racing and for sure there are enthusiasts out there who are selling their old racer.

You will probably need to pay extra for shipping but it's all worth it especially if you are buying modified racers with all the upgrades under the hood.

Manufactured - Another option is to buy customized lawn mower racing engines built by Briggs and Stratton. Yes, they now build mower engines specifically for racing. All you have to do is stick it in your mower and you're ready for the tracks.

Specialty/Retail - You will also find racing lawn mowers for sale in some specialty stores or garages that cater specifically to mower racers. These stores are mostly owned by mower racers who turned their hobbies into a business. This is a very good place to find spare parts as well as racing tips.

Finding your first racing mower is a very exciting task. It's like buying your first car, you get sweaty palms and you'll want to drive it everyday. The thrill of scouting and the learning that you will gain is well worth the price and effort. Not to mention that you can actually start lawn mower racing for as little as $500.

Affordability is one of the great things about mower racing; you can actually enjoy it without worrying about the costs, unlike racing cars where you have to have deep pockets in order to sustain it.

Good luck in your quest of finding racing lawn mowers for sale and I'm sure you'll find one that suits you best. The first time is always fun and exciting so make sure to relish the experience.

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